Hello, my name…

On my way in to accept my BFA and officially graduate from NSCAD University (May 2012)

If you don’t follow your own dream, someone else will hire you to follow theirs.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kirsten and I recently (as in 3 months ago) decided to open my own business. I love what I do and I love the opportunities it brings.

I have chosen to start writing a blog to document what I learn as my business grows.

What do I do? Well… I don’t really know what to call myself yet but I suppose “Freelance Artist” is the most fitting. I am a filmmaker, videographer and photographer. I paint, draw and design as well.

My plan for this blog is to discuss things like time management, dealing with customers, video/camera equipment and other business-y things of that nature. It won’t all be business of course, cause that’s not my style. I want you (the reader) to feel welcome and comfortable in commenting on my blog. Whether that means questions, answers or feedback aka constructive criticism@

So I welcome you to my blog and hope that together, we can tackle our way through all the fun and not-so-fun things that come with running your own business.

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