Giving thanks to all things in between

Thanksgiving weekend is just around the corner in Canada so in keeping with that theme, it seemed appropriate to talk about what I have to be thankful. Of course I am thankful for my family and friends but also for all things in between. Here are a two small (but significant) things that I have to be thankful for this weekend.

1. Grandma’s Pies.

The first time my Grandma let me in on the secrets to the best pies. It’s all in the crust.

First and foremost, it is the traditions that are passed down from generation to generation whether it is from a family member, friend or stranger. For me, though, it is all about my Grandma’s pies. My Grandma lived next door until I was eight and then moved in with us until she passed a few months ago. She was an amazing woman who had an incredible influence on my life and who I am today. I could go on for a very long time about her but today, it is all about her pies. My favourite pie is Pumpkin pie but only my Grandma’s. In fact, I don’t really like most other pies. The crust is what makes the pie and it was always so good. Two years ago, my Grandma finally let me in on the pie making process. And by let me in… I mean I was finally ready to accept the responsibility. I am proud to say that the pies I helped make were successful. It, of course, helped that my Grandma was always there to lend a hand. I knew someday I would be making them by myself and unfortunately, the time has come. Today I will attempt to imitate a tradition that my Grandma spent years perfecting (although in her words, there was always something wrong with them!).

2. Unexpected but perfect moments

A perfect moment paired with one of my favourite quotes.

These are the moments that you don’t and can not anticipate but out of the corner of your eye, you notice them and then can not look away. As I was looking through my photos for this post, I came across a photo that I completely forgotten about. I took it during a rather spontaneous trip to PEI with my roommate. During one of our touristy excursions, I looked to my right and there was an elderly couple walking perfectly in sync, hand-in-hand. I lifted my camera and just as I snapped the photo, they walked out of the shadows. Of course my camera’s shutter speed was set too slow so it is slightly blurry but it is still one of my favourite photos of a perfect moment.

I first came across this quote in May. It just made so much sense to me. Unfortunately, I can’t find the author to the quote but whoever you are.. thank you for a great line of inspiration!

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