Sanah + Cliff | Edmonton Wedding Videography

This past summer, I had the absolute privilege of filming Sanah and Cliff’s wedding celebrations in Edmonton, Alberta.

That’s just the preview. Their full video is below and there are so many moments that make it worth watching but the vows section might be my favourite. Check it out around the 12 minute mark.

They mixed their cultures to create the ultimate 3-day wedding experience. You might be thinking that sounds too extravagant… until you get to know Sanah and Cliff. They are down to earth, incredibly welcoming and full of personality. Their wedding days were filled with personal touches and genuine laughter. I could gush on and on about them and their wonderful families, but I think it is easier to show you.

Photographer: Cocktail Photography

Makeup: Makeup by Sheenu Brar

Hair: Hair by Christina Ansems

DJ: Happy Wife Happy Life Entertainment

Venues: Nanaksar Gurudwara Temple, Hastings Lake Gardens, Meridian Banquet Hall



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