Laura + Jon + 1 (and dogs) | Saint John Maternity Photography

I haven’t done a maternity shoot before but when a couple wants their photos on the coast at sunrise in January, with their dogs – you say HECK YES.

It was the perfect morning with a clear sky for the sunrise, an empty beach for the dogs to run free and a chill in the air for some rosy cheeks. By the time the surfers arrived (yes, surfers in the winter), the dogs were content and Laura and Jon sat down to chat about their hopes for their baby.

I am so excited for Laura and Jon (and Ellie and Eddie) as they prepare for their new addition.


4 thoughts on “Laura + Jon + 1 (and dogs) | Saint John Maternity Photography

  1. Hey! These photos are gorgeous! How were you able to access mispec beach in Winter? Was there no Snow? My boyfriend and I are hoping to go soon!

    1. Hi! No snow 🙂 There shouldn’t be much of any now with the warmer weather we’ve been having but even with snow, it’s still accessible as the parking lot is right off the main road. You access it the same way you do in the summer. Google maps will take you there. A lot of surfers still frequent the beach during the winter.

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