The McNeills | Family Photography in Saint John, New Brunswick

The McNeills are one of my favourite families out there. Period.

Trish and I have been best friends since we bonded over food in High School and it’s safe to say, I associate delicious food with the McNeill household as well. I was so excited when Trish messaged to say they wanted Winter family photos done with the whole gang. They really wanted snowy photos and you’d think that wouldn’t be an issue living in the Maritimes. But alas, Mother Nature did not want to line up with our schedules. We postponed the photoshoot twice in an attempt to capture snow – but I guess the universe decided they didn’t need snow since they are already awesome enough.


When I jokingly say ‘Lunge’ but they actually do it. Another reason why I love them!


I would like to interrupt your photo viewing session to point out that the dog’s name is Thor – but they bought a jacket for him that says ‘Roger’. Try not to smile thinking about that.

McNeills_Blog-6McNeills_Blog-4McNeills_Blog-3McNeills_Blog-5McNeills_Blog-24If you are seeking a fun and adventurous Family photoshoot in and around Saint John, New Brunswick, send me a message!

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