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Staying Positive through the Winter Blues

It's a fact. Winter blues exist and it is very common.  

As a film student, it was challenging enough working all those crazy hours but doing it through the winter months did not help. I would be walking home at 6 in the morning, exhausted and bug-eyed from staring at screens. The last thing I wanted to do was go out in the bitter cold and walk on slippery, slushy city sidewalks while staying alert and making sure I made it home safe. To be honest, that part wasn't as bad as leaving class at 5pm and heading out into the same dark night that existed at 6am to walk on the same slippery, slushy city sidewalks while staying alert... you get the point.

It is a challenge when you are not faced with warm sunshine and beautiful bright colours from the flowers and (we should also mention) other people's attire! Summer colours are naturally brighter than the other seasons which does play a part in our mood.

Now, let me say this: I actually love winter! I know there are many out there who despise winter but I also know there are plenty out there who do in fact enjoy it. Whether you like it or not, the winter blues can still affect you.


So, how do we stay positive and upbeat and energized and ready to take on each day with a great attitude? We do the same thing we do the rest of the year to do this. We just have to put in some extra effort to keep it up.

1. Sleep (I know, I know! Easier said than done but you will be much more productive with your minimum of 8 hours sleep!)

2. Exercise (try and get at least 30 minutes a day!)

3. Healthy eating (eat foods that will energize or not sugary, processed foods that will only bring you down)

And just as, if not more important: 4. Find amusement in the little things.

Above all, finding amusement in the little things is what has gotten me through many late working nights or other general woes. What do I mean by that? It can be anything from the way the ice has crystalized on your window (look for pictures like you would in clouds) or if you're by yourself: dance/sing or if you're with others: dance/sing or animal watch (just like people watching but with animals)! ANYTHING! Check out for even more ways to appreciate the little things that often get overlooked.

One of my cats love helping when I am working on the computer...




It is especially important to find amusement in things that might normally annoy you such your cat constantly hitting your computer screen when you're trying to write a blog post!
















Get out and enjoy the winter months! Don't like winter? Oh... well, do you like cozying up by the fire or drinking hot chocolate? Then do that! Do what you need to do to make the most out of a less than wonderful situation. Who knows you might just see an owl while you're out! ;)


OwlintheBackyard-Jan3.2013-3 OwlintheBackyard-Jan3.2013-6