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Slow Motion Booth: My First Attempt

Here is the link to the video I am discussing in this post:


I came across a video by Super Frog Saves Tokya and it blew my mind. My immediate thought was: "I must do this." So, last summer, I shared that video, and I said "Who wants this at their wedding?"

Holly was first to reply! I was pumped someone was willing to be the "guinea pig". Then I was afraid because I now had to figure out how to do it.

I asked them to select a song (that can be licensed) which I would later edit the video to. They chose a great one! (see the video)

The Set Up

The Set Up

Working on a low budget, I knew I couldn't afford the RED Epic which SFST used. But I did have a 5Dmark3 which can shoot up to 60fps at 720p and a GoPro which can shoot up to 120fps at 720p.

I used two Inspiron lights and a blank wall.

I set up my 5D on a Tripod and attached my GoPro next to it with my Gorilla Pod. I used them at the same time so I could compare and use which I preferred.

I ended up selecting the 5D footage. While, I am able to manipulate the speed on the GoPro footage better, I still prefer the look of the footage shot with the 5D.

Camera Settings Used:

Camera: 5D markIII
Shot at: 60fps / 720p


Props + Signs

The Props

Holly and Ryan provided the Props (bubbles, silly string, twist pops, confetti, etc). I made up a couple signs for the booth but of course, I needed to verbally explain to each participant what we were doing. I didn't offer strict direction but suggested how they use the props and told them to "Have Fun!" and make "Big Movements" and "Big Expressions".


What I Would Do Differently Next Time

1. A sheet on the ground. Things got messy fast! It would have been helpful for cleaning to have a sheet or tarp down.

2. Give better direction. The guests did amazing things but there are certain moves I wish I had asked them to do to help with the final edit and flow of the video.

3. If possible, bring my white paper backdrop. Ultimately, I would not have had the space for it in this particular reception, but had I, it would have helped improve the overall look of the video.

4. Music. I was in the same area as the rest of the reception but had I been in a separate room, I would have preferred to have fun, dance music playing to help relax guests and get them moving more.

5. Slowed things down. I'm not talking about post-production. I mean taken things a bit slower to get the guests set up probably and explain where they can and can't move (so they don't leave the frame). It was so fun that it was easy to rush things but next time, I will slowww itt downnn.


The Result

It has been long wait to see how this would go but it was a blast. [and messy.. very messy.. but very worth it]

Check out my first attempt at it to witness some of the fun Holly+Ryan and their guests got up to at their wedding!

Original Idea from: Super Frog Saves Tokyo ( - They are wicked rad.

The Aftermath