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Away from Comfort and Into the Goo | A reflection on challenging yourself

Sometimes you have to do things that feel like goo. Nobody wants to feel goo all the time. Goo is ew. It makes you shudder and crinkle your face. Yet you also laugh and find some enjoyment when you feel goo. Whether it is because you don't know what else to do, or you actually kind of enjoy it... A smile (however big or small) happens.IMG_7989.jpgBut so does the hesitation to feel it.

As well as, the full body shake and the instant cleanse you desire when it is complete. TreeHouseCamping_Miramichi_Aug29-31.2013-59.jpgThe goo in your life right now might be a work conference where you have to put on a face and talk to more people in an hour than you want to talk to in a week. Perhaps, for you, it is a dinner with estranged family. Or a workout you've been putting off. Or a food you "know" you won't like.

Whatever the goo is in your life, remember, goo may be unpleasant but it won't hurt you. It may even give you a sense of satisfaction because 'you did it'. And you just might learn something.

So, go ahead. Get away from comfort and head into the goo.TreeHouseCamping_Miramichi_Aug29-31.2013-6.jpg