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Kelsey, Kris, Ripley + Kado

You know what I love more than anything? Animals. You know what animal I am mostly obsessed with? Dogs. Dogs are just the best. So, when Kelsey asked me to join them for a walk to capture her and Kris, AND their dogs - I literally couldn't say no. We went to Terwillegar Dog Park in the evening and got in a lot of shots, while the dogs burned off some energy. Win-Win. It made me so happy, I don't mind that I left with 100000000 mosquito bites. KelseyKrisRipleyKado-22KelseyKrisRipleyKado-10KelseyKrisRipleyKado-8KelseyKrisRipleyKado-29KelseyKrisRipleyKado-16KelseyKrisRipleyKado-15KelseyKrisRipleyKado-25KelseyKrisRipleyKado-12KelseyKrisRipleyKado-1KelseyKrisRipleyKado-20KelseyKrisRipleyKado-38KelseyKrisRipleyKado-42KelseyKrisRipleyKado-39KelseyKrisRipleyKado-37KelseyKrisRipleyKado-30KelseyKrisRipleyKado-35KelseyKrisRipleyKado-48KelseyKrisRipleyKado-50KelseyKrisRipleyKado-53KelseyKrisRipleyKado-3