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Wedding Budget Talk: To cut or not to cut the wedding video.


There is no question that wedding videos are more popular today than ever. They go far beyond a camera at the back of the room on a tripod. Nowadays, they are emotional, personal and an incredible representation of a wedding. They capture moments that are often missed and easily forgotten. They feature loved ones that may not be with us much longer. They record your father's laugh and the groom's best dance move. [vimeo 106861563 w=640 h=360]

This is why many couples' decide they want a wedding video. So, they do their research and find a wedding videographer/filmmaker/cinematographer they love! They connect and ask for their packages. And that's when it happens. They realize that the videographer costs as much as their photographer (which they already booked). The couple rationalizes that the photos are all they need, and they give up on the video. Besides, having another camera around sounds intimidating. It is also very common for the groom to be hesitant about photos, let alone video too.

Fast forward to their wedding day. They get married and have the BEST wedding day. The ceremony was beautiful and the vows had guests tearing up. The reception is hugely entertaining thanks to their MC and guests spontaneously singing. The speeches are a huge hit! And you know what, the photos from the day are stunning! The photographer did an amazing job.


You can't quite remember that hilarious line your MOH said in her speech. Your grandfather who danced up a storm at your wedding passes on. Your niece who was a free spirit on the dance floor grows up. And you wish someone (anyone!) had filmed those moments at your wedding.

Listen, my objective with this post is not to belittle anyone's decision not to get a wedding video but instead to explain why the price truly is worth it. Like wedding photos, the video is not perishable and will last a lifetime. You can re-watch it, share it with loved ones who couldn't be there and someday, show your own children! A wedding day is often a blur that passes very fast and the wedding video can help to slow it down so you can really soak it all in.

I am sharing this because this is what I hear over and over and over. "I wish someone had filmed it."

Yes, I am biased. I am a wedding videographer. Truthfully, I am not offended if someone decides not to hire me. I am simply saddened when I hear later that they wish they had.

There is no question that weddings are expensive. But perhaps the video isn't the best thing to cut from your budget.

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