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2 years ago, I made a leap, put my business to the side and moved from my hometown in New Brunswick to Edmonton, Alberta for a full time position in a marketing department. Educationally, it was worth it as I learned extremely valuable lessons, and as a bonus, I worked with amazing people. Still, it was hard on my soul and I yearned to get back to 'doing my own thing'. When I had an opportunity to make a change, I decided to return to my business as a wedding videographer and portrait photographer. Despite it being a challenge, I don't regret it for a single second!

I am operating out of Edmonton but I still receive inquiries for weddings in New Brunswick. I am beyond grateful that couples continue to connect with me about their wedding. While I love an excuse to visit home, there isn't often room for travel fees in a wedding budget, and I don't have enough coins in my pockets to fly home for every wedding. However, I can still respond with confidence and recommend other awesome wedding videographers in their area. This post is dedicated to sharing those fantastic folks to anyone planning a wedding in New Brunswick.

Jordan & Judith Photo/Film

I met Jordan Mattie over coffee at Second Cup in 2014. He was primarily a photographer but had been exploring video. He filmed as a second shooter for me on a couple of weddings, and was seriously great to work with. He was there to learn but ended up being one of the best second shooters I have ever had. He captured the essence of the couples and his footage was beautiful. Since then, he and his wife, Judith, began offering wedding films. Together, they create beautiful wedding stories that anyone would be lucky to have.

[vimeo 196239725 w=1300 h=534 frameborder=0]

Jeremy McLean - Memorywalk

Jeremy McLean is the cinematographer for Memorywalk Films. Jeremy and I met as vendors for Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop. He is constantly educating and challenging himself so that he knows his stuff inside and out. Through his editing, he highlights the true emotion of the day to ensure your day is unforgettable.

[vimeo 188686389 w=1300 h=544 frameborder=0]

Steven Doiron

I have had the chance to see Steven Doiron in action on a few occasions, but perhaps my favourite was when he filmed my best friend's wedding this past summer. One guy and his camera, and he captured their wedding so beautifully. Yes, it was my best friend but it was the first wedding film that made me cry [happy tears].

[vimeo 190946386 w=1300 h=720 frameborder=0]

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Oh, and they are all really, really nice people.