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You've booked your videographer. Now what?

  Congratulations! You have booked a videographer for your wedding day. The hard part is done. That, my friend, is super awesome.


There are, however, a few things that still need to be done. I know the last thing you want is yet another task added to your never ending wedding 'To-Do' list, but you also want your day to go as smoothly as possible.

I've put together a checklist for you to ensure that is exactly what happens. If you have any other questions, leave a comment below!

Contract signed and sent


Most likely this is already done, but just in case - make sure you have sent the signed contract with the deposit or retainer to your videographer. Dates can't be held until this has been received. The last thing you want is to assume you booked someone, only to find out you didn't - and now, it's too late. Yikes!

Let your photographer (and other wedding professionals) know


This is key. It is not uncommon for photographers (or officiants, or wedding planners, or venue directors) to have had a negative experience working with a videographer. Let them know you have hired a videographer to clear up any questions or concerns before the big day. My filming style is non-intrusive and I believe other vendors take priority, but not everyone works this way.

Engagement Session


Does your videographer offer an engagement session? I highly recommend you take advantage of this before the wedding! This gives you and your partner a chance to get comfortable with the videographer and being in front of the camera.

Keep in touch


When your plans change, or become finalized - send your video gal/guy a quick message to update them. The more they know, the easier it will be for them to cover your wedding properly.

Final payments


Set a reminder for when the remaining payments are due to ensure you don't get dinged for being late. Weddings are expensive enough as it is!



Trust your videographer has everything covered and relax! I dare you.