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YEG Videographers that inspire me.


This past weekend, I participated in the Bridal Fantasy show, in Edmonton, as a vendor. I had great plans to move about and chat with other wedding professionals, share laughter over common wedding industry jokes and become best friends forever. (Okay... maybe not so much the last 2 points but you get me.)

The reality of the day was that I was glued to my booth. Even during down times when I may have had time, I didn't want to leave my booth and miss an opportunity to speak with an awesome bride and/or groom. Instead, I admired from a far.

Today, I thought I would compile a little list of other Edmonton wedding videographers that inspire me to be my best, in this city. There are oh-so-many talented folks, and many I have yet to come across. The list below in no way criticizes those who I didn't include! It simply points to a few that I find myself drawn to on repeated occasions. Take a look below and go check out the truly awesome people doing their thing in YEG.

Arrow Film + Photo

When I first came across the work by the team at Arrow, I was in love. They capture "life as it really is". What makes them even more unique, is they offer both digital and super 8mm films!


[vimeo 187604447 w=1300 h=720]

Merkland Wedding from Arrow Films on Vimeo.

A Love Story

The team at A Love Story "captures the essence and emotion" of each wedding day to ensure you remember your special day for years to come.

[vimeo 183541278 w=1300 h=720]

A Love Story {Jordan + Luke} from A Love Story on Vimeo.


I dare you to watch a wedding film by Zac and Monikah (aka Zokah) and not smile. Seriously, try it.

[vimeo 185391988 w=1300 h=720]

Jenna and Mike - Edmonton Wedding Video - Zokah Photography and Video from Zokah on Vimeo.

Iconium Media

The filmmakers at Iconium Media 'preserve' your wedding day 'forever' with their beautiful wedding films. Also, check out their vimeo page to see the wickedly fun video booth they set up at the Bridal Fantasy show!

[vimeo 189421041 w=1300 h=720]

Rachel + Eric Fawcett from Iconium on Vimeo.

It is easy to have a mindset that everyone else is your competition, and to keep your defences up. But, that's not how it is [for the most part]. As Raj from A Love Story pointed out to me; there are roughly thirty (30. Three-Zero.) weddings that happen in and around this city every Saturday. If you were the only videographer, you would NEVER be able to come close to capturing all of them. Having friends in your shared industry is one of the best things for your business. At the end of the day, a person will trust word of mouth (good or bad) over Google search results.

Who is your favourite wedding videographer in Edmonton? Share in the comments below!