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A Father and Son, and some Vintage Baseball Apparel

If you appreciate vintage baseball shirts, then you need to check out ROSS FLATS. I recently met up with the founder, Reed Clark for a lil' photoshoot at Edmonton's historic baseball stadium, Edmonton Ballpark. The Edmonton Ballpark was the perfect location since it plays homage to the history of baseball in Edmonton, and the prairies. It was a warm (yes, warm) winter day and perfect t-shirt weather, in the snow. I took some promo photos for his business, but the photoshoot turned out to be much more than that. Reed's father, Bill joined as well. While I knew Reed as a coworker, this was the first I met Bill. He arrived with a smile on his face, a spring in his step and a story to share. When I mentioned it would be fun to take photos inside, he did not hesitate to find an open door and make it happen. Between photos, I had a short but great chat with him about sports and yoga. I asked him if he was much of baseball player, and said "Oh no!"

He told me how hockey was always his game and his body reaped the consequences of it. Yet, he wouldn't change a thing! Despite feeling sore from his days playing the good ol' hockey game, he spoke of it with a light in his eye. He then shared how he did Hot Yoga and loved it for its benefits! I admitted that I loved yoga but hadn't been consistent with it. The conversation ended with us agreeing we both needed to do more yoga (despite the age difference), and we continued with the photoshoot.

Sadly, Bill passed away recently. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to meet him and capture a sliver of an afternoon with him and his son.