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What's in my CAMERA BAG?! (Edmonton Wedding Videographer)


Years. That's how long I've spent researching and pondering what equipment to buy. I've read countless "Best of" articles and blog posts. I watch contradicting YouTube videos, and eventually settle on something. I find it on Amazon and add it to my Shopping Cart before moving on to the next piece of equipment. Finally, I have everything in my cart I want. No... NEED. I review the shopping cart and scroll down to the bottom of the page. This is when it happens. That sinking, hold your breath, eyes widening moment when you see the 'Total'. We are not talking hundreds of dollars. We are talking multiple thousands! You don't need to be a mathematician to know that $400 in your bank account will not cover it.

But is it worth it to put it on the credit card? Should I get a business loan or line of credit? You know what! Just click purchase and deal with it later! No, don't do that. Breathe and think it through.

Eventually you come to the conclusion that you don't really need this lens or that hard drive. You begin deleting items from your cart until the 'Total' is easier to digest. You feel accomplished until you realize that all you have left in your cart is a couple of random cables that are useless without the audio devices you already deleted.

The next phase involves selecting less expensive - nay- cheap versions of what you determined you needed. You move the mouse over the 'Complete Purchase' button... but you can't commit. Is spending money worth it if the equipment is poorly made and ends up unreliable?

In the end, you decide you can make do with what you already have so you click the exit button and move on.


Well, you move on until a few weeks later when your lens performs poorly at the reception venue and you exclaim 'enough is enough!' As soon as you get home, you search 'Best of' camera lenses and repeat the entire process.

The reality of technology is that the hunt for something better is never ending! Technology improves and gets released faster than anybody can keep up. Especially if you aren't swimming in a room full of gold coins like Donald Duck. Quality video and photo equipment is expensive. This is a fact.

People are often shocked at how much a videographer or photographer charges, but the reality is that we have to (unless we'd rather fall behind on bills and have a debt party!). I'll save that topic for another post.

And so, without further adieu.

Below is a list of what I bring to film a wedding. Items listed but not photographed are things I rent. Yes, there are better options out there (trust me, I know) but this is what I have. At the end of the day, it is not the equipment that makes for a great wedding film. It comes down to the camera operator and editor. It is also important to note that my preference is to travel light and keep things as simple as possible.





Other lenses I might bring:









  • Snacks!
  • Water!
  • Change of shoes (super helpful for when you accidentally step in mud up to your knee... true story.)
  • Detailed directions
  • Wedding Day Schedule
  • Wedding Contacts
  • Weather specific items (i.e. Umbrella)


There you have it! What do you bring to film a wedding?