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A Second Chance for Dogs (and Cats)

I recently visited one of Second Chance Animal Rescue Society's (SCARS) Intake Facilities in Athabasca, Alberta. I helped photograph some of the dogs, alongside another photographer and longtime SCARS volunteers - John Doyle. SylviasPlace_SCARS-Mar2017-12

I adopted my dog (and 2 cats) through another rescue within the last 6 months. Before adoption, I spent months obsessing over every animal rescue website and social media page in and around Edmonton. I was and still am stunned at the amount of animals in need, in Alberta. It is heartbreaking to learn what many animals endure due to irresponsible people.

I am glad there are so many great organizations and volunteers on a mission to help as many animals as they can. I wish there wasn't such a great need for them - but there is.


Second Chance Animal Rescue Society does more than their fair share to help - but I know they wish they could do more. Sylvia is one of the main volunteers at this facility and my goodness, she is a wonderful person. She cares so deeply about all of the animals they bring in. The Sanctuary dogs ("permanent wards of SCARS due to medical or behaviour issues not likely to find an adoptive family") have a strong bond to her. They literally give cats and dogs a second chance at a good life. The organization is completely volunteer run - and it is an amazing amount of work.


As an animal lover, I want nothing more than to give every dog a home. I'd keep them all if I could! Instead, I help out how I can by volunteering my time and donating money when I am able to.

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