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The Kutinskys [ Edmonton Documentary Family Session ]

Kayla and Damien are very proud parents of Kane and Harley (and of course, their dog, Taz). Kane might be one of the hardest working kids I have ever met. He either wanted to work in the garden or take over my job as photographer. To be honest, I think he'd be half decent at it too. Check out the photos below to see the laughs they had (in between the hard work). Kuntisky_Jul17-1Kuntisky_Jul17-9Kuntisky_Jul17-6Kuntisky_Jul17-15Kuntisky_Jul17-23Kuntisky_Jul17-27Kuntisky_Jul17-26Kuntisky_Jul17-28Kuntisky_Jul17-32Kuntisky_Jul17-34Kuntisky_Jul17-35Kuntisky_Jul17-42Kuntisky_Jul17-49Kuntisky_Jul17-63Kuntisky_Jul17-65Kuntisky_Jul17-75Kuntisky_Jul17-71Kuntisky_Jul17-91Kuntisky_Jul17-87Kuntisky_Jul17-93Kuntisky_Jul17-134Kuntisky_Jul17-138Kuntisky_Jul17-96Kuntisky_Jul17-101Kuntisky_Jul17-102Kuntisky_Jul17-106Kuntisky_Jul17-107Kuntisky_Jul17-117Kuntisky_Jul17-119Kuntisky_Jul17-115Kuntisky_Jul17-121