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The Garcias [ Edmonton Documentary Family Session ]

One of the main reasons why I love photography is the memories that are captured with it. Portrait sessions are beautiful but a documentary session allows real moments to be locked in time. When I arrived at the Garcias' home, I told them to simply do as they normally do. After some snuggles on the couch, it was time for the real action to begin. I spent a few hours with them that afternoon and it was filled with mini sticks and baseball. I served as referee with the camera. Thank you to Mario and Camille for inviting me into your home to document a sliver of your everyday. Matteus is one lucky, hockey-loving, kid. Garcias_Apr2017-2445Garcias_Apr2017-2441Garcias_Apr2017-2459Garcias_Apr2017-2467Garcias_Apr2017-2628Garcias_Apr2017-2532Garcias_Apr2017-2675Garcias_Apr2017-2683Garcias_Apr2017-2686Garcias_Apr2017-2691Garcias_Apr2017-2698Garcias_Apr2017-2835Garcias_Apr2017-2880Garcias_Apr2017-2774Garcias_Apr2017-2783Garcias_Apr2017-2790Garcias_Apr2017-2865Garcias_Apr2017-2932Garcias_Apr2017-2985Garcias_Apr2017-2987Garcias_Apr2017-3083Garcias_Apr2017-3116Garcias_Apr2017-3168Garcias_Apr2017-3126Garcias_Apr2017-3204Garcias_Apr2017-3227Garcias_Apr2017-3276Garcias_Apr2017-3281Garcias_Apr2017-3296Garcias_Apr2017-3325Garcias_Apr2017-3330Garcias_Apr2017-3331Garcias_Apr2017-3361Garcias_Apr2017-3390Garcias_Apr2017-3437Garcias_Apr2017-3315