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How to stay excited about filming weddings (over and over again)


I just had a moment.

I was about to share a wedding video I filmed in 2014. I had fond memories of it and it is the couple's anniversary so I had the mouse hovered over the upload button, ready to publish... until I watched it. My jaw immediately dropped.



The intro was cheesy. The song was boring. The motion was rough. I was missing key shots. Etc. Etc. Etc.

(Don't worry, this isn't a downer post.)


It was actually a really good thing that I was shocked. It means that I have improved since then (thank goodness!). As a result, I am more motivated than ever to continue improving.

Say goodbye to behind-the-times wedding videos.

Despite wedding videos increasing in popularity, there is still a reputation we have to fight as a wedding videographer (you know the one I am talking about). While cheesy, behind-the-times videographers do still exist, the majority of wedding filmmakers today are seriously talented. They have fine tuned their editing and keep up with the never ending equipment updates.


Say hello to the new guys.

As with any industry, the best way to stay at the top is to continue educating yourself as much as possible. Thanks to the internet, there is a wealth of tips and tricks at your fingertips so take advantage of it.

Currently, my favourite people to learn from (both from tutorials and by watching their work) are:

  1. Matt WhoisMatt Johnson
  2. White In Revery (Just watch this recent wedding video of theirs. It's unreal.)
  3. Forestry Films

These are the people I am watching right now but there are SO many amazing wedding filmmakers out there.


Stay motivated and get creative.

If you are a wedding videographer/filmmaker/cinematographer (or whatever you call yourself), I can't stress enough the importance of watching what other wedding videographers are doing. If nothing else, it will help motivate and excite you to film and edit weddings! Feeling unmotivated, and generally uninspired is completely normal and rather common. In fact, I am going to write a full blog post soon about staying motivated with your work. For now, my one tip is to go on the ol' YouTube and start watching other incredible wedding videos.

Keep learning and keep pushing the boundaries. Get out there and capture some love.

Who are you inspired by? Comment below!