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Holly + Ryan | Photography | Saint John, New Brunswick


I have been wanting to take sunset couple photos on top of Spyglass Hill in Rothesay for a very long time. Of all the places in my hometown, most of my time has been spent on the Spyglass trails so I'm surprised it hadn't happened yet. (I'll blame it on the fact that I was living in Alberta for the last 3 years.) Holly and Ryan answered my call and rushed to meet me after work before the sun went down. Holly is an awesome photographer herself (check out her work: so she made my job SO easy. I filmed their wedding in 2014 and did a 1 year anniversary shoot with them the following year, alongside Lynette Mason of Mason Photography.

Since then, they haven't had any professional photos done. Holly put it best: "I love photos but I didn't have an excuse to get any new photos."

In my opinion, you don't need a special occasion to have photos done - you just need some love. And Holly and Ryan have more than enough love for one another to warrant an intimate, sunset date (with me and my camera). Thanks for lying on a hard rock, laughing at my terrible jokes and running through a field, guys!