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2016: Let's Adventure.

As we move into the final weeks of 2015, we begin reflecting on the past year and planning for the new one. 2015, for me, was a journey in every sense of the word. It brought new experiences,  friends and accomplishments. As well as, new challenges and a refreshed perspective.


2016 will be filled with adventure, laughter, new things to learn and positive changes. At least, one can hope! It's been many years since I've had much of a New Year's resolution so I decided to make an effort this year. I sat down and wrote out my resolutions. By doing this, I hope next year will live up to the expectations [realistically] that a new year always brings.


181º is also evolving in 2016. Here are a few updates in progress.

• The website has an updated look! Go check it out.

Wedding photography is now being offered, in addition to the existing services that have been offered since 181 opened.

• I (Kirsten) am moving into the world of YouTube (currently under development) to share my outdoor adventures and fitness.

These 3 things are seemingly small, but in reality, they are broad leaps forward.

Additionally, my travel blog, which was originally intended to highlight NB specifically, is going to feature adventures without border limits. It will be directly related to the YouTube channel (currently under development).


It's time to turn things up an extra degree.

How will you adventure in the new year? Will you make that big career move you've been dwelling? Will you check another thing off your bucket list? No matter what it is: embrace it and commit to it. And remember to have fun while doing it!

2016: Let's Adventure.


My Favourite Photos from 2013

BookYour2014FamilyPortraitSession It was hard to pick just one but I narrowed my 2013 photographs down to my favourite. I need to post this now before I change my mind again.

Why You Need a Wedding Video


I have heard the same thing from various bride's over and over. First, I hear this: "We decided not to have our wedding filmed. It was an easy thing to cut from our budget. Besides, we'll have a photographer" This is obviously understandable. But then I will run into that same couple later on, after their wedding and then, I hear this: "We regret not getting a wedding video done!" I hear this from newlyweds but most especially, I hear this from couple's who have been married for many years. Two Cultures

Photographs are amazing at capturing your day so I want to be clear that this post is in no way meant to put down photography! There are many amazing photographers in this area!

My point is that I believe having your wedding filmed, as well as photographed, is key and here are some reasons why.

1. It helps you relive your day in such a special way... and later on, you can show your children and grandchildren. I certainly wish I could watch my parent's and my grandparent's weddings. There is a lot happening on your wedding day and as much as you try to savour each moment, it will go by very fast. Having your wedding filmed extends the joy and excitement beyond the day. The couples I have worked with have said to me how they loved seeing guests that weren't photographed so they will always remember they were there. Film also provides you with a fresh perspective of your day that you were not able to experience. Above all, with a wedding video, you can share it with family and friends who were unable to make it!

2. See it and Hear it again. The speeches, the laughter, the tears and the cheers. Speeches made at weddings are poignant, relevant, emotional and often humorous. How amazing is it to be able to hear them and watch your guests reactions to them(which is sometimes more fun than the speech itself!).

3. Professional vs. Family/Friend. When you are filming a wedding, you are unable to partake in it as a regular guest. You want your family and friends to be able to simply enjoy and participate in your day. Having a professional come in takes the pressure off and it gives you one less thing to worry about on your special day.

4. No reason to fear. A common "fear" amongst couples, particularly with the groom, is that it will feel invasive having cameras everywhere. Believe me, this is not the case. As always, do your research to be sure but I know that my style is extremely non-invasive. My goal is to blend in so that the wedding party and guests will basically forget I am there and enjoy the festivities (what a fun word to say!). I often joke about being like a fly on the wall but it is true. The intention of a wedding film shouldn't be to define or script your wedding. It should be to document it as it really happened!

A Fall Wedding

Yes, weddings can be expensive. You put in a lot of work (and possibly money) to make your day just right. Remember, when you hire a wedding videographer, you are paying for something that will last beyond your day. You are paying for something that will last a lifetime. Your wedding can go by in a flash so it should be documented so you can look back on it and relive it for the rest of your lives.

An Outdoor Wedding

Handy Tutorial Sites for Filmmakers


Today's blog: Tips and Links to Tutorials This is the first of (hopefully) many more "tips & tricks" based blog entries.   There are so many blogs out there that have helped me a great deal and I would like to start contributing in my own way.

I have always been honest in saying that I've never really enjoyed school. I like learning and meeting people and making connections yet I always felt very restricted by school and the student status. You would think that after 17 years of school, I would say "no more!".. Well I said "No More!" but I have come to realize that I definitely did not follow suit. You know what? I am okay with that. The industry that I am working in now does not allow one to sit back and say "I've learned enough now." If you do that, you fall behind and you fall behind fast.

Since graduating in May, I have watched more tutorials, read more blogs and flipped through more websites than I would like to admit. Even the most basic of videos can teach me something or remind me of something that I had learned once and forgotten. With social media and today's online database, there are so many different sites and ways to learn about close to anything. This is amazing but it is also very confusing and problematic since not all the information is quality.

Here are a few tips for picking out the good stuff:

1. Check the date of the blog/tutorial/etc first! A solution from 2006 may not work with your software in 2012. 

2. Along with checking the date, check the software/program version! Newer versions don't always have the same features as older ones and vice versa.

3. Flip through the video/text quickly for the end result before sitting through the whole video. This is kind of a weird tip because it won't work in all cases but if you are crunched for time and looking for a specific solution, make sure that the 10,20 or 30 minute tutorial you are about to watch is the most effective use of your time!

There are a few people/blogs/sites that I tend to visit more often than others and I would like to share them with you.



These are the main 3 I tend to visit, both by choice and by accident. They all have great tips and some tutorials. Plus, they all do some great reviews on lots of different camera, lighting and audio equipment so you should definitely check them out!

What the "real" grown ups do

I remember thinking those who travelled for business were the real grown ups. They were the ones with jobs so important they had to be in several places. I remember this because this is what I have thought until yesterday. Today marks the second day in a row that I am "away on business". It's a strange thing to say. In my mind, I am still that high school student looking up to the rest of the world for guidance. Plus, I really don't consider what I do as "work". I was away yesterday for a script meeting and today I am in a different province to take photos. That's not work. That's just what I do. It's a hobby. It's fun. It's what I did in school. But now I am getting paid for some of these things which, I suppose, is what qualifies it as work.

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to brag about the fact that I don't consider my "job" to be "work". It's hard and countless amount of hours go into what I do.  I am scared 95% of the time that I am going to deliver a project that the client won't like. It's not because it means that I might not get paid. It's because my name is on it and the client trusted me with their project. What scares me is also what reassures me. The fact that I want to be proud of what I create proves to myself that I am doing this for the right reasons.

(I realize I am straying off topic but I have a point and it will all make sense... Hopefully)

So here I sit. Away on "business". Getting ready to take photos. No idea if I will succeed or fail.

I suppose, as a business owner, I am a grown up now. I travel for business. I should feel important. Part of me does. There are a lot of challenges to owning a business. Some challenges are universal while others are specific to the individual. One of my challenges is to not only convince everyone else that I am a capable grown up now but to also convince myself.