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2016: Let's Adventure.

As we move into the final weeks of 2015, we begin reflecting on the past year and planning for the new one. 2015, for me, was a journey in every sense of the word. It brought new experiences,  friends and accomplishments. As well as, new challenges and a refreshed perspective.


2016 will be filled with adventure, laughter, new things to learn and positive changes. At least, one can hope! It's been many years since I've had much of a New Year's resolution so I decided to make an effort this year. I sat down and wrote out my resolutions. By doing this, I hope next year will live up to the expectations [realistically] that a new year always brings.


181º is also evolving in 2016. Here are a few updates in progress.

• The website has an updated look! Go check it out.

Wedding photography is now being offered, in addition to the existing services that have been offered since 181 opened.

• I (Kirsten) am moving into the world of YouTube (currently under development) to share my outdoor adventures and fitness.

These 3 things are seemingly small, but in reality, they are broad leaps forward.

Additionally, my travel blog, which was originally intended to highlight NB specifically, is going to feature adventures without border limits. It will be directly related to the YouTube channel (currently under development).


It's time to turn things up an extra degree.

How will you adventure in the new year? Will you make that big career move you've been dwelling? Will you check another thing off your bucket list? No matter what it is: embrace it and commit to it. And remember to have fun while doing it!

2016: Let's Adventure.


It's a BIG world.

The world is big. And small. But really, it's big. My hometown is over 5000km away from my current location. Add another 3000km (give or take) to that and I could travel coast to coast in Canada. I would need to travel 40,008km to go around the world. My daily commute to work is 20km. Another 145 days and I will have travelled an additional 5000km since moving. Another 1895 days, and I will have travelled the distance around the globe.Banff2

At the same time, the world is small. Within two days of moving across the country, we ran into a high school friend. I visited Winnipeg on a work trip and met someone who went to school 5 minutes from my house back home. When I lived in Halifax, I met someone who used to lived on the street I grew up on. Yesterday, I was on the phone with a call center employee, in a different province, whom I rowed with years ago.

Technology helps to close those gaps even further. Facebook tells us our mutual friends, and connects us with strangers. Google can tell you a lot about a person. Sometimes, about as much as their own shoes can tell you. Skype and Facetime allow us to see each others faces as much as we want!

No matter the distance, we are still connected... if we choose to be. It is a choice. Some might argue this but it is our decision to login, search and click. I'm not saying it is easy to avoid the internet and the technology that keeps us connected, but it is possible.

Whether you are in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of a big city, the choice is yours.

To share or not to share?


I will be "out of the office" from January-March

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What did you just say? You're taking 2-3 months off?



Let me tell you.

Adventure to NZ 1

My friend, Trish, and I are going down under to explore New Zealand and Australia! This is a trip I have been wanting to do for as long as I can remember. We began seriously planning it in June 2013. We were both planning individual trips until we realized it made a heck of lot more sense for us to join forces and travel together! We are bringing only 1 backpack, renting a mini campervan and touring the island country filled with kiwis, sheep, rugby, bungee jumping and Lord of the Rings tourist attractions. Next, we are going to visit parts of Australia as well!


When are you going?

We leave January 4th, 2014.

When are you returning?

We don't have a return date set. We will be gone for at least 1 month and the time after that is flexible. The absolute latest that I will be returning in mid/late March 2014.

Are you working?

In short, no. But... while this is holiday, I am bringing my camera and I will be filming and photographing our adventure. I will be blogging and hope to create a mini online series from our trip.


Will I be able to follow your travels?

Hopefully! I will be blogging here:, but my understanding is that Free Wifi is not as common there as it is here so I am not sure how frequent I will be able to post.

What if I have something booked with you? (i.e. Wedding Documentary)

You can still contact me via email ( I will be checking it as often as I can (2-3 times/week) but I have never done this trip before so I don't really know what to expect. Natasha from Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop will be available if you require a faster response. The number is (506) 848-3377.

What if I decide I want to book you?

I am still taking bookings and inquiries. Please contact me via email ( or contact Natasha (Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop/(506) 848-3377). Any deposits can also be dropped off at Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop at 154 Hampton Rd in Rothesay.

Adventure to NZ 2

Thank you so much for your understanding! I look forward to working with you all next year! 2014 is going to be great :)

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What the "real" grown ups do

I remember thinking those who travelled for business were the real grown ups. They were the ones with jobs so important they had to be in several places. I remember this because this is what I have thought until yesterday. Today marks the second day in a row that I am "away on business". It's a strange thing to say. In my mind, I am still that high school student looking up to the rest of the world for guidance. Plus, I really don't consider what I do as "work". I was away yesterday for a script meeting and today I am in a different province to take photos. That's not work. That's just what I do. It's a hobby. It's fun. It's what I did in school. But now I am getting paid for some of these things which, I suppose, is what qualifies it as work.

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to brag about the fact that I don't consider my "job" to be "work". It's hard and countless amount of hours go into what I do.  I am scared 95% of the time that I am going to deliver a project that the client won't like. It's not because it means that I might not get paid. It's because my name is on it and the client trusted me with their project. What scares me is also what reassures me. The fact that I want to be proud of what I create proves to myself that I am doing this for the right reasons.

(I realize I am straying off topic but I have a point and it will all make sense... Hopefully)

So here I sit. Away on "business". Getting ready to take photos. No idea if I will succeed or fail.

I suppose, as a business owner, I am a grown up now. I travel for business. I should feel important. Part of me does. There are a lot of challenges to owning a business. Some challenges are universal while others are specific to the individual. One of my challenges is to not only convince everyone else that I am a capable grown up now but to also convince myself.