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I will be "out of the office" from January-March

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What did you just say? You're taking 2-3 months off?



Let me tell you.

Adventure to NZ 1

My friend, Trish, and I are going down under to explore New Zealand and Australia! This is a trip I have been wanting to do for as long as I can remember. We began seriously planning it in June 2013. We were both planning individual trips until we realized it made a heck of lot more sense for us to join forces and travel together! We are bringing only 1 backpack, renting a mini campervan and touring the island country filled with kiwis, sheep, rugby, bungee jumping and Lord of the Rings tourist attractions. Next, we are going to visit parts of Australia as well!


When are you going?

We leave January 4th, 2014.

When are you returning?

We don't have a return date set. We will be gone for at least 1 month and the time after that is flexible. The absolute latest that I will be returning in mid/late March 2014.

Are you working?

In short, no. But... while this is holiday, I am bringing my camera and I will be filming and photographing our adventure. I will be blogging and hope to create a mini online series from our trip.


Will I be able to follow your travels?

Hopefully! I will be blogging here:, but my understanding is that Free Wifi is not as common there as it is here so I am not sure how frequent I will be able to post.

What if I have something booked with you? (i.e. Wedding Documentary)

You can still contact me via email ( I will be checking it as often as I can (2-3 times/week) but I have never done this trip before so I don't really know what to expect. Natasha from Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop will be available if you require a faster response. The number is (506) 848-3377.

What if I decide I want to book you?

I am still taking bookings and inquiries. Please contact me via email ( or contact Natasha (Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop/(506) 848-3377). Any deposits can also be dropped off at Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop at 154 Hampton Rd in Rothesay.

Adventure to NZ 2

Thank you so much for your understanding! I look forward to working with you all next year! 2014 is going to be great :)

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