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Rain or Shine, the wedding must go on!

In the last year, there has not been two weddings alike! Each one unique and each one with their own surprises (both planned and unplanned!). With all the differences, every single wedding has one thing in common: No matter what, everything will be great! I mean this in all honesty, you will still have an amazing day regardless of whether it's pouring rain and thunderstorms on the day of an outdoor wedding or programs being forgotten or the bridal party arriving late or a bird doing its business on a groom's tux...! If you are in the planning stages, take a moment to breath and not to stress about the little things. I know those little things might appear to be a deal breaker but they are not! In fact, the little hiccups end up doing nothing but enhance your day! They help make your wedding that much more memorable.

Here is a line (give or take a few words) that I have heard from multiple brides the morning of the wedding: "I don't care what happens. I just can't wait to get married to him. I'm so excited."