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PHOTOGRAPHY (portrait + wedding)

I strongly believe a photo to be a true representation of you. I provide guidance when necessary but for the most part, I just let you be you!

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A wedding documentary (video) is a precious keepsake of your wedding day. It is a great way for you to look back on your day, as well as share it with loved ones who may not be able to attend.. or who were there but want to relive it!

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I'm excited to chat with you and capture some awesome moments for you!

2016: Let's Adventure.

As we move into the final weeks of 2015, we begin reflecting on the past year and planning for the new one. 2015, for me, was a journey in every sense of the word. It brought new experiences,  friends and accomplishments. As well as, new challenges and a refreshed perspective.


2016 will be filled with adventure, laughter, new things to learn and positive changes. At least, one can hope! It's been many years since I've had much of a New Year's resolution so I decided to make an effort this year. I sat down and wrote out my resolutions. By doing this, I hope next year will live up to the expectations [realistically] that a new year always brings.


181º is also evolving in 2016. Here are a few updates in progress.

• The website has an updated look! Go check it out.

Wedding photography is now being offered, in addition to the existing services that have been offered since 181 opened.

• I (Kirsten) am moving into the world of YouTube (currently under development) to share my outdoor adventures and fitness.

These 3 things are seemingly small, but in reality, they are broad leaps forward.

Additionally, my travel blog, which was originally intended to highlight NB specifically, is going to feature adventures without border limits. It will be directly related to the YouTube channel (currently under development).


It's time to turn things up an extra degree.

How will you adventure in the new year? Will you make that big career move you've been dwelling? Will you check another thing off your bucket list? No matter what it is: embrace it and commit to it. And remember to have fun while doing it!

2016: Let's Adventure.


My Advice for the Perfect Wedding Ceremony

In the past year and a half, I have seen lots of different wedding ceremonies. There are common themes among them and each had their own unique aspect[s]. I would not consider myself an expert on the subject yet but I have put together a list of 5 of my observations about what it takes to have the "perfect" wedding ceremony.


1. Accept that there is no such thing as the "perfect" wedding ceremony

I realize this contradicts the title of this post but honestly, I believe this to be the most important thing you can do! It is a fact. No matter how much planning or how many wedding planners you have, there will have always be something that goes wrong. I speak from experience. It could be that you forgot your vows at home or your ring bearer and/or flower girl cries down the aisle or the groomsmen are wearing the wrong boutonnieres or the officiant forgets to tell you it's "time to kiss your bride"... etc, etc, etc..! Things happen. How you react to them will determine whether or not your ceremony is perfect. In my opinion, the best thing you can do is laugh. Smile and laugh. Realize that it is a very small detail to an otherwise amazingly, spectacular day. The little mishaps and mistakes are usually what make your ceremony that much more memorable.

Perhaps it begins raining halfway through your ceremony so you and your guests have to run to an indoor location. This happened and you know what the bride said? "I got the best of both worlds! An indoor and outdoor wedding all in one!"

Perhaps your groom's phone goes off during the ceremony. This happened and you know what the bride said? "That is perfect!", said through laughter! Seriously, check it out:

Remember, you are there to marry the person of your dreams. At the end of the day, if you successfully married, then something went right and you can declare that you had the "perfect" wedding ceremony.


2. Don't overthink things

I attended a wedding rehearsal today and the officiant explained this point perfectly: "It is a worship, not a performance." You are there as two individuals declaring your love for one another. It is amazing if you have friends and family in attendance to watch but understand that it is about you and your partner. You don't need to put on a show. You just need to be yourselves! If you do that, not only will you be more comfortable but so will your guests! Trust me on this one. ;)


3. Take your time

It happens all too often that couples are so concerned about getting to "their spots" that they forget to actually enjoy "getting there". I know it's cheesy but it really is as much, if not more, about the journey as it is the destination. The best you can do is stop. At any point, just stop. Take a couple breaths. Look around. Appreciate what is happening in that exact moment. AND then, continue. It is only one day. We spend so much of our lives rushing from Point A to Point B that it can be easy to become oblivious to our surroundings.


4. Look your partner in the eyes

Specifically, during your vows! Nerves are running high, especially when you realize you are standing in front of 100+ people and all eyes are on you. The only pair of eyes that should matter are the ones you're about to spend the rest of your life with. Often, I will see a bride and/or groom looking at the officiant and repeating the vows to the officiant and rarely looking at the person who really matters. Whether you are religious or not, this is a sacred moment. Look at one and another and speak to each other, and no one else!


5. Smile

This is the best day of your life so enjoy it! Simply smile. One of my favourites quotes is "A smile is a crooked line that sets things straight." So smile and be happy. With that attitude, there is nothing that can ruin your wedding!


Rain or Shine, the wedding must go on!

In the last year, there has not been two weddings alike! Each one unique and each one with their own surprises (both planned and unplanned!). With all the differences, every single wedding has one thing in common: No matter what, everything will be great! I mean this in all honesty, you will still have an amazing day regardless of whether it's pouring rain and thunderstorms on the day of an outdoor wedding or programs being forgotten or the bridal party arriving late or a bird doing its business on a groom's tux...! If you are in the planning stages, take a moment to breath and not to stress about the little things. I know those little things might appear to be a deal breaker but they are not! In fact, the little hiccups end up doing nothing but enhance your day! They help make your wedding that much more memorable.

Here is a line (give or take a few words) that I have heard from multiple brides the morning of the wedding: "I don't care what happens. I just can't wait to get married to him. I'm so excited."