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PHOTOGRAPHY (portrait + wedding)

I strongly believe a photo to be a true representation of you. I provide guidance when necessary but for the most part, I just let you be you!

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A wedding documentary (video) is a precious keepsake of your wedding day. It is a great way for you to look back on your day, as well as share it with loved ones who may not be able to attend.. or who were there but want to relive it!

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I'm excited to chat with you and capture some awesome moments for you!

Why You Need a Wedding Video


I have heard the same thing from various bride's over and over. First, I hear this: "We decided not to have our wedding filmed. It was an easy thing to cut from our budget. Besides, we'll have a photographer" This is obviously understandable. But then I will run into that same couple later on, after their wedding and then, I hear this: "We regret not getting a wedding video done!" I hear this from newlyweds but most especially, I hear this from couple's who have been married for many years. Two Cultures

Photographs are amazing at capturing your day so I want to be clear that this post is in no way meant to put down photography! There are many amazing photographers in this area!

My point is that I believe having your wedding filmed, as well as photographed, is key and here are some reasons why.

1. It helps you relive your day in such a special way... and later on, you can show your children and grandchildren. I certainly wish I could watch my parent's and my grandparent's weddings. There is a lot happening on your wedding day and as much as you try to savour each moment, it will go by very fast. Having your wedding filmed extends the joy and excitement beyond the day. The couples I have worked with have said to me how they loved seeing guests that weren't photographed so they will always remember they were there. Film also provides you with a fresh perspective of your day that you were not able to experience. Above all, with a wedding video, you can share it with family and friends who were unable to make it!

2. See it and Hear it again. The speeches, the laughter, the tears and the cheers. Speeches made at weddings are poignant, relevant, emotional and often humorous. How amazing is it to be able to hear them and watch your guests reactions to them(which is sometimes more fun than the speech itself!).

3. Professional vs. Family/Friend. When you are filming a wedding, you are unable to partake in it as a regular guest. You want your family and friends to be able to simply enjoy and participate in your day. Having a professional come in takes the pressure off and it gives you one less thing to worry about on your special day.

4. No reason to fear. A common "fear" amongst couples, particularly with the groom, is that it will feel invasive having cameras everywhere. Believe me, this is not the case. As always, do your research to be sure but I know that my style is extremely non-invasive. My goal is to blend in so that the wedding party and guests will basically forget I am there and enjoy the festivities (what a fun word to say!). I often joke about being like a fly on the wall but it is true. The intention of a wedding film shouldn't be to define or script your wedding. It should be to document it as it really happened!

A Fall Wedding

Yes, weddings can be expensive. You put in a lot of work (and possibly money) to make your day just right. Remember, when you hire a wedding videographer, you are paying for something that will last beyond your day. You are paying for something that will last a lifetime. Your wedding can go by in a flash so it should be documented so you can look back on it and relive it for the rest of your lives.

An Outdoor Wedding