New Brunswick Wedding Video for the Adventurous

There is something special about having your wedding filmed that you may not realize: audio and movement. My favourite family nights growing up were when we would eat homemade pizza and watch home videos. Video allows you to relive experiences in such a unique way. You get to hear your Grandmother’s voice and watch your dad dance like you remember. You hear your cousin’s epic belly laugh and see the look on your face when your best friend decides to sing off-tune. Your wedding is like all of your home videos wrapped into one with a sprinkling of sugar on top.

You are going to have an epic day of love and I am here to document all of the emotions. You are ready to enjoy the whirlwind that is a wedding day by laughing and sharing in happy tears with your family and close friends. You aren’t overly traditional, but you are excited to marry the love of your life. If you found yourself nodding, you and I should connect!

By having your wedding filmed, you will be able to look back on your day, as well as share it with loved ones who may not be able to attend.. or who were there but want to relive it!

My approach to filming your wedding is documentary.  I am there to capture you and your day.  All you need to do is enjoy the day and simply be yourself! 

Take a look through my wedding portfolio to see some recent videos and then contact me about how to book your wedding video.

Wedding Videography begins at $2800